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Essentially, The Bailey Group provides the infrastructure and support to all of our companies enabling them to operate successfully. We are a developer of people, relationships, businesses and properties.

Our experienced management team leads the individual businesses to work collaboratively and progressively according to our core values: passion, excellence, teamwork, empowerment and accountability. Our dedicated employees help move the company forward, and create a positive and productive work environment that allows everyone to share in our opportunities and successes.

With a dual philosophy of moving beyond great and building champions in every venture, we strive to deliver the very best in all our businesses and to improve on our results day-after-day and year-over-year.

Modern Design Workspace
Startup Room
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Founder and CEO

Glenn’s entrepreneurial spirit budded at a very young age. While working and going to school he decided to make his mark and founded his very first business when he was only 17 years old. Building and running businesses has been his passion ever since, creating: Success, Prosperity and Happiness for all Stakeholders.

Glenn has had a remarkable successful journey with his various business partners and team members (past and present):

• Creating over 12 start-up businesses
• Developing millions of square feet in residential and commercial properties
• Generating over a billion in sales

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